Monday, May 26, 2008


Just have a couple of minutes here - I wanted to post a free file for you on this Memorial Holiday. I don't have a preview yet, you'll have to download it on faith. Hope some of you can use it. I hope everyone is having a nice holiday weekend. I'll try to post more later this week, along with the preview.

Here's the link:

Thursday, May 01, 2008

my day was made twice today

The greeter at Wal-Mart made my day today. I'd been in a very bad funk - depressed over my lack of weight loss and how exhausted and bad I've been feeling lately. She saw me from a distance today and made a bee-line for me. She told me that I looked great and she was so proud of me for losing so much weight. How sweet! She said today was the first time she'd seen me in fitted clothes because I always wear shirts that are too big (a hold over from my big bosom'd days) and she said she just had to tell me.

Then, a company rep stopped by the office today and she bragged on me for losing weight too. I guess she hasn't seen me in fitted clothes in a while either. Talk about an ego boost. Now if I can just get the scales to start moving and my strength/endurance to pick up.

Nothing new here. I'm still kicking around a few ideas for new files. I've got an idea in mind, but I'm having trouble making it work like I want. Limitations of inkscape I guess.

Check back soon, I hope to have a file for offer and new files to show for the store soon.