Monday, August 25, 2008

wet Monday too!

So it's another wet day here. We woke up to thunder and lightning and buckets of rain. Part of the tropical depression that's making it's way inland. We needed the rain, but I didn't want it while I was trying to sleep or get to the gym and to work. So of course I had to drive to work, which I hate having to do now that I'm hooked on my motorcycle. We dropped Stephen's off to be serviced and picked up my windshield. I can't wait to try it and see if it's more comfortable without so much wind hitting me in the helmet.

Nothing else really new. Same old same old.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

card to share

Fast weekend. Sure seems like they are flying by faster and faster. We dropped Stephen's bike off yesterday for the 600 mile service and to have his accessories installed. The windshield came in for my bike, so we picked that up. I'll have to wait another forever for the saddlebag mounts tho. Stephen helped me install the windshield today. I think I'm going to love it. I hope it will help with the drag I've been having when I go over 40 mph.

I have a new card to share. I used Chris Durnan's file Love My Coffee, which you can find here:

The stamped phrase reads:

I gave up coffee, sex and chocolate.

It was the worst 10 minutes of my life.

I also used a coffee ring stamp on the background in a cream color.

Sure wish we had another couple of days off this weekend. I'm really burned out, can't wait to take a few days vacation.

Til Later!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

wet Thursdsay & is customer service dead?

So it's Thursday. It's wet. But I looked at the radar this morning and it was clearing off. So Stephen and I both rode to work this morning. I suspect we'll get wet at some point today, be it at lunch or on the way home. Stephen's bike requires a 600 mile service. The head mechanic at the dealership told us to call 7 to 10 days ahead of time to schedule an appointment to have the bike serviced. Told us we could do it on a Saturday, no problem. So I called yesterday to set up the appointment. The service department manager refused to schedule an appointment for us. Told me that "no one" makes appointments "anywhere" and that it was first come first serve. So I said okay, fine, that's not what we were told, but we'd drop the bike off on a Saturday morning and come back before they close to pick it up. He told me no, they'd have to keep it for a week or longer to do the service job. Ah, hello? Then why did your mechanic tell us it would take 3 or 4 hours max? He gave me some BS story about how the engine had to be COMPLETELY cold and that to do that, the bike would have to sit a minimum of 24 hours. Hmmm, strange, the head mechanic never mentioned that. He got really ugly with me and told me that the fastest turn around ANY service department had in the state was a week and that if I didn't like it, that was tough. Then he started in on how I shouldn't expect an appointment because he only makes appointments for handy capped people (his words!) or people who have to drive a long distance. Hmmm, 100 miles ONE WAY isn't "a long distance"? Men!!

So the way the weekends fall, we'd need to have the bike there on the 30th and not pick it up until the following Saturday, which Stephen has to work. That would mean two weeks without the bike. So my hubby is out driving around the county, trying to put 200 miles on the bike in two days so we can drop it off THIS Saturday and go back to pick it up, hopefully, on the 30th. All because this guy has an attitude issue and thinks a 4 hour service job will take an entire week. Double Men!!

At least tomorrow is Friday, right?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

what's new for us!

Wow, I can hardly believe I've neglected my blog for almost 2 months. I swear life has gotten in the way more than I'd realized. Work has been so busy I can barely find time to breath. And home, well, home has been busy with something new. New wheels to be exact.

We decided to buy a 49cc scooter for me to drive back and forth to work. So we found one, bought it, I loved it, Stephen loved it (but he has to drive too far to work to ride one) but decided he wanted a motorcycle. So, we began the search for a small motorcycle for him. We found a steal on a 2005 Yamaha Virago so we bought that the first part of July. It didn't take Stephen long to master it, and decide he wanted a bigger bike. So, he graduated to a 2008 Suzuki C50. Soooo, I got his Virago! I've been riding it to work for about a week now. We both love riding so much, I never dreamed how much fun it would be. Stephen's already anticipating getting a bigger, bigger bike in a couple of years and giving me his Suzuki. I told him I love how nimble the Virago is, I may not want his Suzuki. Here's a few pics:

This is the first day learning - in our back yard. I never got it out of first gear. That day I was just practicing starts and stops, and super low speed turns.

This is from a few days later, in the football stadium parking lot. I nearly laid it down that da
y. One good thing I learned, I CAN pick it up by the handle bars! And be careful taking off from a stop while on an incline or a hill.

And here is Stephen's new bike. He bought a tinted faceplate for his helmet while we were at the shop. Plus a n
ice, plated jacket. I'm still looking for a jacket, I'm having a hard time finding one that fits the way I want it to fit. It may be a long search.

So that's what we've been up to - learning to ride motorcycles. I never thought I'd ride as a passenger, never mind learn to drive one on my own, but here we are. We're loving every minute of it. And the lower gas bills aren't upsetting us any either!