Thursday, March 19, 2009

Here's a layout with two of Chris's files. You can find Chris here. Behind the vellum is Chris's fabulous Heart Jumble. I used the included heart files to make the heart border on the left side. I resized the hearts and even embossed a couple with glitter embossing powder. The border on the left is also one of Chris's fabulous files.

We've both been sick with the bug going around. We've been miserable with this. In fact this winter, I've been sick off and on. I'm so tired of being sick. I haven't felt like working out and I've put on a ton of weight. It's so depressing.

We've just about got the yard cleaned up enough to mow. And boy do we need to mow. I am looking forward to warmer weather, altho I don't want the 95+ degrees with 90%+ humidity. I'm picky, I want it 75 and sunny year-round.

At least tomorrow is Friday. Gotta love Friday! And tomorrow is the Series Finale of Battlestar Gallactica. Boy are we gonna miss that show.