Wednesday, June 28, 2006


This is a super quick layout using freebies from Atomic Cupcake. Can't wait til these beauties turn red....yum!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Layout Sunday

Thought I'd share a couple of layouts I did today. This one is one of the photos we had made back in 1992 that we used for our engagement announcement. The paper is all Club Scrap. The stsamp is a clear unmounted stamp by Heidi Swapp. VERY reasonably priced, and very cute. She has several different words and phrases out, and I hope she comes out with more.

This is a digital I made using a kit I bought from Scrap Outside the Box. Since Stephen has lost so much weight, he's feeling better and thought he'd see if he could swing a golf club again. We went to the driving range last night and hit a bucket of range balls.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Believe and trust in yourself.

What this quote should also have went on to say is "because when it comes down to it, all you have to count on is yourself!"

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Don't hurry by life's little detours.

Seems like there have been a lot of detours in my life lately. Unfortunately they aren't the kind that you want, like stopping to smell the roses or enjoying a sunset or sunrise. They've been the mad rush, can't slow down, wish life would just be kind once in a while kinds of detours. Maybe some day.

I'm in a bad spot right now and I really don't know how to get out of it. I'm in about the worst depression I've had, excluding the one when my father died. I don't have any energy, I don't have any drive, and I really don't have any desire to do anything. I get up (late, I might add), go to work, come home, cook supper, do laundry, go to bed. I feel like crap 95% of the time. I've been having almost daily headaches again. I don't feel like exercising, or watching what I eat. And my darling husband is crushing my soul. All I've heard for the last four days is how great HE'S doing on his diet, how much weight he's lost, how the brand new pants we ordered in a smaller size are too big, how his BOSS is so proud of him, how he and his boss are having a contest to see who can run the fastest. How I need to "work thru it", "suck it up" and exercise even if I feel like crap, have a headache or a migraine. I'm sure I'm a big fat embarrassment to him. That he's ashamed to be seen with me. And I guess he should be. I am a big fat embarrassment, and I am lazy and unmotivated. But I don't need him to tell me that. I'm well aware of those facts.

There are days I just wish I could curl up in a corner and die.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Attitude is everything.

Today's quote says a lot for only three little words. I know my attitude sucks on a lot of things, especially things like work and dealing with the nephew from Hades. So I need to add this to my list of things to work on. If I go in to work with a bad attitude (which happens 99% of the time here lately) there's no reason for me to expect to have a good day. People can sense my rotten mood and they key off it. I need to do a better job of being positive and put a smile on my face.

I tried to blog yesterday but I never could connect. I walked 35 mins yesterday but was bad on food - over 1800 calories. ugh. I woke up with a headache this morning and I didn't walk today. I'm never going to get this weight off unless I can improve my ATTITUDE. :)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Each new day is a new beginning of life.

At least I hope it is. This is the quote on my desk today. I'm going to try hard to make that a truth and not just a quote.

I tried so hard to get to bed early last night. "Early" ended up being 9:30, which is much better than the 11:30 or midnight of the last few days, but still not as early as I had hoped. My alarm went off at 5:40 and I was still so darn exhausted. After hitting the snooze alarm SEVERAL times, I finally got up, got on the stupid treadmill. I only did 30 mins. In part because I slept too late, in part because my stupid hip was hurting. Again. But at least it's a start. I'm back on the water again too.

I have to make this a new life. I have to change the way I think of food and exercise and life in general. I've only done one thing in my life that was harder than this.

A group I'm on had a Scrap from your Stash challenge that ran from May 20th to June 3rd. I did 319 pages in that time. And I didn't do the most on the group. But I am so thrilled that I got so much done. I have my album from NYC completed, the album from a Packers preseason football game last year done, 2005 done, 2004 done, and I'm almost up to date on 2006. I have a huge stack of layouts for Annabelle's album. And I even did a few BOM layouts. AND I finally got Stephen's Star Trek album done from the convention we went to in 2002. So nice to have some progress finally somewhere in my life.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Give the world the best you have!

This sounds so easy at first read. Give the world the best you have! But how many times am I guilty of just mailing it in? Doing just enough to get by? Putting a bandaid on the problem so that I don't have to deal with it that day/week?

I need to make a consious effort to improve on this. To give 100% each and every time I do something, whether it's cooking supper, work, scrapbooking or dieting. Especially dieting.

Perhaps tomorrow I can get up early enough to walk. Last night was a good night's sleep. I didn't wake up with a coughing spell, I had some good REM sleep. But it just wasn't enough. Maybe tomorrow I can get up early and walk. I certainly need to get back on track. Didn't even come close to making my May goal. Altho down 3 lbs is certainly better than UP 3 lbs.