Thursday, April 24, 2008

new layout with Chris's files, spinning, and Administrative Professionsal's Day

First off, sorry to be mia for so long. Major pc issues at work, so I've been spending lots of extra time at work trying to fix it. I haven't been on the computer much when I get home from work because I'm sick of messing with the one at work!

So, I finally got the pictures taken of my snow layout that
uses two of Chris Durnan's files. You can find Chris here:

I used her snowflake jumble and snow envy word files. It's hard to see in the picture, but I used clear sparkle embossing powder on the word snow and the individual snowflakes. Here's a close up of the title, it may be a little easier to see.

If you haven't checked out her Quarterly Membership offer, run over to her blog or and check it out. She has a wonderful deal going. For $10, you're guaranteed at least 20 files in 3 months. It's a fantastic way to increase your cutting files for very little money. Membership for this quarter ends April 30th, so you'd better hurry. If you sign up, mention my name when you do so Chris can know where you heard about it.

So last week the morning trainer at the gym suggested I join her spinning class. She said "it's a lot of fun plus it will shock your body and jump start your weight loss". So against my better judgment I went Tuesday. What a colossal mistake! I knew from using the bikes in the fitness room that they were hard on my knees. By the time I got off that spinning bike I could barely walk. I just thought my legs were in shape. And boy was that trainer right, a shock to my body indeed! Needless to say, I skipped Wednesday's workout and I will NOT be spinning again.

So the bosses forgot about Administrative Professionals Day. Again. That was yesterday and not a word was said. What a joke. I swear they are so clueless. Unless somebody comes by trying to sell them something to give us for APD, they forget. Men!

I hope to get a few more files up at the cutters market in the next few days. Now that the pc's are okay at work I'm not so stressed that I want to stay away from the computer at home too.

Friday, April 11, 2008

wet Friday

TGIF everyone! Another long week is almost over. Thank goodness! Not only long, but another wet week. I'm so tired of rain and storms. Mercifully we haven't had any damage to speak of. Unfortunately now that the rain is leaving, the cold is supposed to be coming back.

We mowed the yard for the first time this week. I hate the first time mowing. It's always so out of shape and hard to mow. But at least it looked nice when we were done.

Don't forget about my sale - buy one of my files at and get one of equal or lesser value free.

Til next time!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Monday & new files at Cuttersmarket

Monday, monday.....where does the time go? Seems like I was just at work a couple of hours ago.

I had a request for just the flower alone without the title. Here's a picture of the file,
and it's now available at Cuttersmarket. And don't forget about my sale - buy one file before April 15th, email me a copy of your receipt and get a free file of equal or lesser value free.

Also, if anyone has any requests, be sure to let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Today was a hard morning at the gym. My hamstring is still hurting from Friday's workout. I couldn't run as fast as I've been running, but I did run 4 miles this morning since I got up earlier than normal. It was crowded this morning. And hot. Both of which I hate with a passion. Esp when it's crowded with posers. You know, those people who are there to be "seen" at the gym and not really get a real workout in. I've got to figure some way to get some of this weight off. I'm up 5 lbs since I started weight training two weeks ago - not hardly enough time to claim it's muscle weight since I'm only lifting 2 days a week.

Well, I'm sure I'm boring the few readers I have to tears. Sooo....

Til next time!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Friday!! a preview of a file, and a sale

It's Friday! Yeah!! what a long, miserable week it's been. But it's finally, finally Friday!

So here's a picture of a file I've been working on.
It should be up at cuttersmarket soon. Just a simple set of scrolls. I thought they'd be good for heritage layouts or anything just needing a little "ump" added to it.

How about a sale? From now til April 15th, buy any of my files at the cuttersmarket and get one file of equal or lesser value free. Just email me a copy of your receipt for the file you purchased and which file you'd like as your free one. Easy as pie.

Someone has asked for the flower in the spring file to be separated from the title. I will do that and post it to the cuttersmarket. Look for that file next week. Someone else asked me what font I used - I believe it's Fling.

Nothing major going on here. Just work, work, work. I did make it to the gym 5 days this week. Fat lot of good it's doing me - I've gained two pounds this week. :( This morning I messed up my hamstring and it's killing me now. Plus my foot is hurting. I thought my foot was doing better since it's not been sore all week. Wishful thinking I guess. I don't think it's ever going to stop raining. It seems like it's been nonstop for ever. Our yard is nothing but mush. Sorry I don't have any exciting news.