Friday, June 26, 2009

new card with Chris's files

Here is a card I made using Chris's Fancy Borders 2 file and a thanks from a freebie she gave away on her blog. I added a couple of paper flowers with brads and now I have a lovely thank you card to give a friend. You can find the Fancy Borders 2 file here, as well as her QMC which is a STEAL!

So Stephen's trip ended up a bust. He got sick while out on the boat and his "friends" voted to stay out and go on not one but two dives, leaving Stephen in the heat and humidity, sick as a dog. He didn't get to see the wreck or anything. And worse, he had to spend two nights in a hotel and fly home because he got so sick from heat exhaustion. So I didn't really get to enjoy my time alone once I found out how sick he was because I was worried sick about him. I did have a nice Friday night and Saturday morning. I picked up the Bind it All from Hobby Lobby with a coupon. Unfortunately I still haven't had a chance to play.

Can someone say hot? Oh man, it's miserable here. It was 100 degrees at 11:30 when I left work for lunch. Ouch! Please pass some cooler temps or rain or something.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

on my own

So in about 7 hours I will be on my own for the next 5 days. Stephen is going on a diving trip to the Florida Keys, and the ladies were not invited to go with. So, I'll be a bachlerette for a while. Not really looking forward to it. It's sad to say, but I don't have any good friends that I can just pack up with and go off somewhere. All my friends have family and/or kids, so no one wants to just do a girls' only thing. And since we had to put Annabelle to sleep, I will be totally alone at night. You never really realize how much company a dog is until she's gone. So, I'm trying to plan things to do for the next bit.

~ I'm thinking I'll run to Paducah and see if Hobby Lobby still has the Bind It All in stock. If so, I think I "need" one. After all, I have a 40% off coupon burning a whole in my pocket.

~ I want to go to Princeton and change out the flowers on dad's grave.

~ I have Marley and Me to watch on dvd. Not so sure I should watch that by myself, but well, that's the only way I'll get to watch it.

~ I want to finish tidying my craft room. I'm about a third of the way done with it.

~ I want to work on a few projects for Chris's design team. Too bad my brain is frozen and my creativity level is ZERO!

Any one have any suggestions for other stuff I can do while I'm on my own?