Tuesday, October 09, 2007

a few more pics

thought I might post a few more pictures from our trip.

This is of Favre coming out of the tunnel. Can I just say one more time how much I love our camera? LOVE the zoom on that puppy. The tunnel that the players come out of is at the opposite end of the stadium from where we were sitting. I think if we're lucky enough to go back to another game sometime, we need to get the additional zoom lense to use with it.

This is a picture of the jets that flew over the stadium as the Banner was ending. I think it gave everyone chills. I've never heard anything so loud as when they flew over. Stephen and I talked about it and of all the games we've been to, none have had more impressive flyovers than this one. The jets were lower than we've ever seen before and flying faster than any other game we've been to.

As we were walking over to the stadium from the tail gate party, we saw this vehicle. It belongs to the "Packer Pope". This is a man who dresses up in Green and Gold "robes". I have a picture at home, somewhere, from our first trip to Green Bay that I'll post later. He and his wife were so cool, they posed for us to take their picture. The "Pope" was at the player autograph signing too.

This is at the tailgate party. After we'd walked back to get warmer clothes since it was drizzling and the temp was dropping. If only we'd known it was going to clear off by the end of the first quarter and be so warm and sunny that our faces would get sunburned! As it was, Stephen ended up burning up in his sweatshirt. I had a jacket on, thank goodness, so I didn't get too terribly hot. A little about the tailgate parties put on by Packer Fan Tours - they're awesome! All the food you can eat and all the drinks you care to drink. Music, including special tailgate tunes like "the Bears Still Suck" and "Our Favre". A great time, absolutely great.

And the last one for today. This is Stephen with William Henderson at the players autograph party the night before the game. Stephen has been a huge fan of Henderson's for ever, and we were thrilled to find out he was at the party even tho he was no longer a team member.

It was a sad night in our house Sunday with the Packers collapsing and getting beat by the Bears. I hope that wasn't a sign of things to come this season. Oh, and my new co-worker that just started Monday? She's a Bears fan who moved her from just outside Chicago. Oops!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

reports of my demise were premature

I AM still here and among the land of the living. Just super swamped, both at work and at home. Can't seem to find time to do much of anything. I can't even find time to decide on the first batch of pictures I want to scrap.

But boy did we have a great time! The game was wonderful, the weather was fallish, and the great citizens of Green Bay, well, they were great as usual. You know they have to be sick of Cheeseheads and tourists and fans, but everyone was super nice to us. Here are some pictures:

This is during the game, obviously. LOVE our new camera. The zoom on it is amazing. We were 16 rows back so we were pretty close to begin with, but even at the far end of the stadium the pictures turned out great.

This is from our lunch at Curly's Pub. The absolutely best nachos I've ever had. We really wanted to try the O-Line burger, but it was 40 oz and we didn't think even on an empty stomach we could handle it and the "bucket of fries" it came with.

A nice couple a few rows behind us agreed to take this picture. I didn't even realize at the time that I was standing on a row of bleachers and that Stephen wasn't. Oops! Well, at least we're not totally mutt and jeff in this picture.

This is while we were waiting in line to get in to the tailgate party. A nice couple from Southern Mississippi snapped this pic for us. We ended up seeing them in the hotel bar on Monday night and had a really nice chat with them, while Stephen discovered the Green Monkey (I'll post the recipe tomorrow). LOVE the new jersey that Stephen bought me at the Packers Pro Shop. He bought me a black one at The Jersey Store the next day. I'll have to model it later and post a pic this weekend maybe.

Last one for today. This is us in front of the statue of Curly Lambeau in front of the stadium, right outside the Atrium and the Pro Shop. A really sweet man that lives in Green Bay offered to take our picture. Of course he said "eh, you two aren't from around here are you?" and we all had a good laugh. After taking this one, he offered to take a picture of us in front of Vince Lombardi's statue (I'll post that later too) so we of course took him up on that as well. This was from Friday afternoon, about 30 mins after we hit town. We checked in to the hotel and went straight over to the stadium and Pro Shop. It was very nice, cool, windy and sunny. I swear the whole trip my hair was in my eyes more than where it belonged. I finally gave up trying to keep it behind my ears even.

Well, that's enough for today. I'll try to post more tomorrow. I figure I have enough stories and pictures to fill up the blog from now til the end of the year.