Saturday, December 20, 2008

another layout to share

Here is another layout for Stephen's mini flip album. It uses Chris Durnan's file Ornaments and Trees. You can find the file here. This file has several different trees and they all cut like a dream.

Shopping is done, just waiting on that postman to deliver one last thing. Still have some wrapping to do. I'm finding it really hard to get in the mood to wrap. Plus our Christmas tree lights keep blowing fuses so I can't keep the tree lit. Stephen wanted the big bulbs this year, and I think they're getting too hot and blowing fuses. Not a happy camper, esp considering all the stores are out of fuses! So if they blow one more time, I'm out of fuses, which means either a dark tree (which I CAN'T stand) or pulling all the bulbs and ornaments off and redoing the whole darn thing. Not looking forward to either of those.

Hope everyone has a safe, happy holiday. It's looking like a brown, wet, muddy Christmas here. :(