Thursday, April 30, 2009

Scuba Brag Book using Chris's files

I made this brag book for Stephen for a recent scuba trip. I used Chris's files:

Tab Book

The Deeper You Go

Scuba Card

I also used a couple of files that aren't in the store - Water Bubbles (on the front) and I Kick. Stephen was so excited, he asked if he could take the book to work and show it off.

I should have more scuba pics to scrap after June. Stephen is going to FL for a dive trip. Wish I could go to FL!

Til later!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

cupcake wrappers - not just for cupcakes

So how cute are Chris's cupcake wrappers? I wanted to show that they can be used for other things too. Like napkin rings and party favors. The first wrapper is from her everyday collection, which you can find here.

I cut the wrapper, lined it with a paper cupcake holder and filled it with Easter jelly beans. Makes a perfect little party favor.

And then I used two wrappers f
rom her frilly collection, which is here. I cut them smaller, and used them to make napkin rings.

Don't forget to
check out Chris's Quarterly File membership. She's already got a ton of files up, and they are all darling!

Nothing new to report, get up, go to work, come hom
e, go to sleep, do it all again the next day. I HAVE to get my rear end back to the gym. I've gained all my weight back and it is so depressing. Stephen hasn't even been going to the gym. But of course he hasn't gained any of his weight back, he can eat all he wants and is just fine. So unfair!

We are starting to get some better weather and we've been riding to work again instead of driving. Gas is already up to $2 a gallon again, so I'm so very, very thankful we have the motorcycles to save on gas. I filled up yesterday for $2.25 and had put 82 miles on the motorcycle. Gotta love 70+ mpg.

I'm hoping to get some work done on our Green Bay albums. How sad that it's been a year and a half and I haven't made any progress on them. I think I'm going to box up a bunch of my scrapbook stuff and either take it to goodwill or throw it away. I need to make some room, and since I can't knock out a wall and build a sb room, I guess it's get rid of stuff time.

I hope everyone has a lovely Easter. It's supposed to start raining today and rain thru Friday night. I hope it clears back off for the weekend.
Happy Thursday!